Avent Bottle Warmer - A Nighttime Lifesaver


Image of Avent Bottle Warmer.

When you have a baby that is crying for food the last thing you want to do is have to hassle around trying to get his bottle ready to go. For many years the only way to heat a bottle was to boil a pan of water on the stove or in the kettle and place the bottle in a pan or cup and pour the water in with it. This does work and in a pinch will still do, but it can take what may seem like forever especially at 3 o'clock in the morning when your little one is screaming bloody murder. If you have an Avent bottle warmer all you have to do is let it do all of the work for you.

The Coming of the Bottle Warmer

While baby bottles are nothing new and neither is formula, for the longest time the only way to heat them up was slow and messy. Not to mention the fact that half the time, everyone in the house ended up getting woke up as the little one wailed because he was so hungry. Then came the microwave over, this fantastic device could heat a cold bottle in a couple of minutes and end up scalding your baby even faster because of the hot spots and overheating. With an Avent bottle warmer you will get a perfectly evenly heated bottle in just a few minutes.

The infant bottle warmer takes all of the guesswork out of heating up a bottle, which at 3 am can be a godsend. There is no safer way to make sure that the bottle of formula you are about to feed to your baby is at the right temperature. However no matter what type of bottle warmer you plan to use, you should always check the temperature of the bottle using the tried and true drops on the wrist method as you can still overheat a bottle if you leave it in the warmer for too long.

For those who are limited on time or have little one who always wants his food in a hurry there is the Avent Express bottle warmer. This unit is designed to bring you baby's bottle up to a safe temperature in about 4 minutes depending on how cold it is. This is about half the time of any other brand of bottle warmer which can make a big difference in how much sleep you get at night.

The Latest and Perhaps Greatest

Technology moves in mysterious ways, no matter what area of the home we are talking about. One thing that many mums have asked for is a quick and easy way to heat their baby's bottles that can be done while they are cradling him in there arms. It is for certain that the old kettle or saucepan method will not fill the bill. Thankfully modern technology has risen to the challenge and created an infant bottle warmer that while loaded with technology is the perfect device to heat your baby's bottle to just the right temperature.

Thanks to the built in programming the Avent iQ bottle warmer makes heating up a bottle of formula or a jar of food as easy as pushing a button. All you have to do is tell the iQ what you are heating and how much of it you are heating up. One thing about this bottle warmer is that thanks to the built in automatic shut off you no longer have to worry about overheating which can occur with some of other bottle warmers on the market.

Read the Directions

While this may seem a little silly, you would be surprised at just how many people never bother to read the instructions that come with anything that they buy. Then they sit around trying to understand just why it is that the new appliance or device they purchased does not work like the box or the television advert said it would. When it comes to an appliance like a baby bottle warmer, your first instinct is probably to think to yourself" well it's just a bottle warmer how hard can it be to figure out?", this might be ok for a can opener.

However, here you are talking about a device that is designed to heat a liquid that your baby is going to be drinking. With this in mind all Avent bottle warmer instructions are very thorough in explaining exactly how you should use each model of bottle warmer they sell. As long as you read and follow these instructions you should never have to worry about the temperature of your baby's bottle and his safety.

A baby bottle warmer is by far the safest and most convenient way to warm up your baby's bottle. They are now available in portable models that plug in your cigarette lighter for when you are on the go. If you have a baby you should have an Avent bottle warmer to take care of his bottles and your late night sanity.

Avent Bottle Warmer - Give Your Baby the Best Avent Bottle Warmer

Your baby needs the best care they can get and with the Avent bottle warmer, high quality is ensured and your baby can start having a healthy and happy life. When it comes to the baby bottle warmers you should use for your baby, you should make the best choices because your baby is also the best for you.

With the Avent baby bottle warmer, all you have to do is to put the glass baby bottle in the warmer after you have plugged it in and your baby in on their way to a healthy and enjoyable meal. You will be surprised how fast your baby will get their meal, because this bottle warmer is a very efficient one, warming up the milk for your baby in no time.

Using an Avent bottle warmer is so much better than putting your baby’s bottle in the microwave, which is not even recommended. Why is that? Because there are higher chances for you to not warm up your baby’s milk to the right temperature with the microwave, which can warm it up too much if you don’t set the timing correctly. In fact, even a short session of warming can cause some trouble because hot spots are very frequent with these ovens.

Avent baby bottles

Avent baby bottles are much safer for your baby, being heated evenly. These baby bottle warmers have a basket where you can put the baby’s bottle and their food jars, this basket being made of plastic and easy to be removed when necessary. When using such a baby bottle warmer, you have to add water above the milk level and plug it in, after which you just have to wait for it to do its job. Once the Avent bottle warmer is plugged in, a neon light will appear, letting you know that it is working. After setting the right timing and waiting, this neon light will turn off, letting you know that your baby’s meal is ready.

The Avent baby bottle warmer is also better than introducing the baby’s bottle in a bowl with hot water in order for it to warm up. Also, you will certainly find it much more comfortable and convenient than many of the other warming up methods you may have in mind, as this bottle warmer can be set up in all the rooms in your house, the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen or the living-room. Therefore, you can set it up as close to you as you want and not waste precious minutes running from one room to another for your baby’s warm milk.

With the Avent bottle warmer, life is a lot easier, both for you and your baby, being more comfortable for you and more delicious for your baby. So, if you want to make a good investment in baby care, you should go for this baby bottle warmer and offer your baby the best there is.