Bottle Feed Your Baby

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How to Bottle Feed Your Baby

Bottle feeding is often used for babies because it is convenient, the mother is working or unable to provide milk, and other people can do it. Whatever reason is prompting you to bottle feed the feeding process is the same. Bottle feeding really is very easy so there is no need to worry about the process at all.

Choosing a Baby Bottle

The first thing to do is choose a bottle. Each baby has a different kind of bottle and nipple that they prefer. Choose a bottle that fits your lifestyle and then pick out several different kinds of nipples to try. Remember that younger babies need nipples with smaller holes, and older babies need nipples with larger holes. You will need about 12 baby bottles for each baby.

Sterilize the Baby Bottle

Once you purchase your baby bottles they will need to be sterilized. If they are plastic or glass, then you can boil a huge pot of water. Place the pieces of the bottles into the water and boil for at least 10 minutes. Some dishwashers have a sterilize function that will also work. Be sure to read the labels on the bottles to see if it is safe to heat them.

Choosing a formula

The right formula is the most important decision about bottle feeding. If you are pumping breast milk and giving it to the baby through a bottle then it is not so important, but it is still a good idea to have some formula on hand in case the milk spills or you are unable to pump one day. For mothers who have chosen not to breast feed, or if they are unable to, then the formula is very important.

Choose one that offers the most amounts of vitamins and nutrition with the least amount of additives and sugars. There are many organic options that are very healthy for babies. Some babies are allergic to soy which is commonly used in formula, so watch out for that.

Getting comfortable

Once you have warm milk and a baby in hand, try and get comfortable. Relocate to a quite and peaceful room that is somewhat darkened. Try to calm the baby. Relax and hold the baby in the crook of your arm. Use a pillow to support your arm if necessary. If the baby is crying, try to soothe it gently. Some babies have to be woken up to eat. If the baby is determined to sleep, wake her up with some ice on its feet. Babies should not be allowed to skip meals.

The feeding process

Touch the nipple to the baby’s mouth until he or she opens it and begins feeding. Every three minutes or so, take the bottle out of the baby’s mouth and allow him to breathe. Mid way through the feeding sit the baby up and burp him. If the baby falls asleep then try and wake him to continue the feeding. Young babies should feed for 30 minutes or so. Older babies will take less time to eat. Young babies usually eat around 4 ounces of milk per feeding. Older babies will eat around 6-9 ounces of milk, and then they will also need baby food to supplement.

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