Bottle Warmer - Keeping Your Baby Fed and Happy

Image of Bottle Warmer.

For those who have already had children you already know just what it can be like to be woken up in the middle of the night by a crying baby who is hungry. It can be quite a challenge to try and stumble out of bed and get a bottle ready in a relatively short period of time so that you can feed your baby and then both of you can get some much needed sleep.

Many modern mums choose not to breast feed which means that the baby's formula must be heated to the right temperature for your baby before you can feed him, the best way to do this is with a bottle warmer.

Why a Bottle Warmer?

With the advent of the microwave oven many parents turned to this marvel of modern technology to heat everything from dinner to their baby's bottles. While the microwave oven is the perfect way to heat up a plate of leftovers, it really is not the ideal way to warm up your baby's formula. The biggest problem is that no matter how expensive the microwave oven you have is or whether it is the best brand on the market, microwaves do not heat evenly.

This means that there may be hot spots in the formula that are more than capable of burning your little one's mouth and throat even if you shake the bottle thoroughly the possibility still exists. The safest way to heat your baby's bottle is to use a one of the different bottles warmers available on this site. This way you know that the formula is at an even temperature and is safe to feed your baby with.

A bottle warmer is designed to bring the formula or refrigerated breast milk up to a safe temperature in just a few minutes. While this is longer than it may take in the microwave oven those few extra minutes are worth taking to make sure that you are not putting your baby at risk for burns. Bottle warmers are designed to heat the bottle or liquid food to a temperature that is safe for your baby to drink and to maintain it at that temperature, many of the newest warmers are designed to hold more than one bottle or jar of food or as your baby gets older one of each.

Warming Things Up On the Go

One of the biggest problems most parents face is that they are not always going to be at home when their little one decides he is hungry. Heating a bottle on the go has never been easy, more often than not you end up trying to find a restaurant that will give you a large cup of boiling water to place your baby's bottle in to warm it up. It is not always easy to find a restaurant at just the right time and trying to turn a cup of boiling water into a safe to use bottle warm can be very messy and more than a little dangerous.

Thankfully someone who obviously must have had to deal with this problem has come up with a much better idea for heating your baby's bottles on the go. You can now buy a travel bottle warmer that you can use no matter where your trip may take you. Otherwise known as a car bottle warmer this nifty device is the perfect solution for those who like to travel with their little on, but do not want to have to deal with the boiling water scenario. These units are designed to be plugged into the 12V power outlet or cigarette lighter of your car and will fit in most cup holders. They will bring your baby bottles up to temperature quickly and evenly while you are driving down the road to your destination.

With all of these different styles of baby bottle warmers you would think that you would have every situation covered right? Well there is still one last little problem that has to be addressed, what are you supposed to do if you are out visiting or on a long hike with your baby in a baby backpack and they get hungry? There is even a baby bottle warmer that has been designed specifically with this type of situation in mind.

With a thermos bottle warmer, you can keep your baby's formula warm for hours no matter where you have to go. The design of these is similar to the idea of asking the restaurant for a cup of boiling water, in that you have a thermos that you fill with boiling water to take with you and it comes with its own cup to place the bottle in for heating. With one of these bottle warmers, there is literally nowhere that you and your baby cannot go and still not be able to eat.