How to Buy Baby Bottle

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What Every Mother Should Know

Before purchasing a baby bottle every new mother should consider several important factors. Do you prefer plastic bottles over glass bottles? Are you a mom who is pressed for time because of your career or other children in the household? Will you be nursing, bottle feeding or both? When you know what you are looking for it will make shopping for bottles less overwhelming once you get to the store and see the large variety of bottles in stock.

Read on for a description of a few of the best bottles on the market today and why.

The company Sassy's MAM UltiVent baby bottles are made of plastic that is BPA free. Bisphenol-A, most commonly referred to as BPA, is a chemical that is used to make plastic hard and see-through. BPA is thought to be toxic to humans so choose a bottle that specifies that it is BPA free if you want to be on the safe side. The MAM bottle was also designed to mimic breastfeeding.

For moms going back to work, the nipple and vent were designed to make the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding easier for baby. One con to the bottle, however, is that before washing it there are several parts you have to disassemble if you want to be sure the baby bottle and nipples are clean. You can purchase these in a variety of colors.

For parents who prefer glass bottles Evenflo makes the Classic Glass Nurser. Unlike the MAM Ultivent, this bottle does not have vents. Parents who are not concerned about colic babies have shown a great preference for this bottle. Since they are glass there is no need to worry whether or not they are made of any toxic material.

If you are a mom who may be pressed for time, but you still desire a bottle with anti-colic features then the Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Nurser may be for you. It comes with disposable, pre-sterilized, BPA-free bottle liners and just like the name says, you just drop them in at feeding time. The only parts that need to be cleaned are the nipple and nipple ring because you simply throw the liner away.

As far as the anti-colic feature goes, air can be squeezed out of the bottle before feedings but most liners now are made to collapse so that air stays out of the bottle. Having to buy liners may or may not be an issue, but keep in mind using this sort of bottle can be costly. Avent produces the Natural Feeding bottles that are designed to reduce colic. They were also designed to make feeding easier for a baby who also nurses. While most nipples come with either a slow or a fast flow rate Avent nipples come with five.

No matter what type of bottle you initially decide to purchase for your baby don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of nipples and bottles. In the end, the baby will help you decide what her or she finds more comfortable.