Travel Bottle Warmer - Heat on the Go

Image of Travel Bottle Warmers.

Traveling long distances with your little one is often not an easy task and most particularly when it comes to feeding time. Trying to keep a bottle warm enough for a baby is no easy task and the longer the trip it seems like the harder it can be to provide your little one with a bottle that is at the temperature that they are used to drinking.

Now you have a baby that is not in familiar surroundings trying to drink a bottle that is most likely too cold, this is a recipe for disaster that can make for very long and noisy trip. To help solve this problem you can use a travel bottle warmer.

You can of course look around and try to find a restaurant that will be kind enough to heat up some water to boiling for you so that you can heat up his bottle. However for one reason or another there never seems to be a willing restaurant around at the right time and the little one is not going to wait very long for his dinner. Travel bottle warmers are the latest way to take care of this problem and can make that long trip a much more pleasant experience for all involved.

On the Go

There are several different styles of travel bottle warmers available depending on where you want to use it and how long you plan on being gone. If you are going on a long car trip your best bet is going to be one of the new 12 V plug in models. These are designed to plug right into your cars cigarette lighter plug and then sit in an empty cup holder so that you can be warming your baby's bottle up while you are still cruising down the motorway. With this unit you no longer have to worry about finding a willing restaurant until it is time for your dinner and your baby will stay happy for the whole trip.

There are other portable baby warmers available that do not require any form of electricity and yet are small enough to pack in your baby's diaper bag. With these units you never have to worry about batteries dying either as the heat is provided by a small butane cylinder that will last for up to 30 bottles depending on how cold they are and how warm you need to make the bottle. These are also the perfect type of travel bottle warmer to take with you when you go camping, with one of these you will never have to worry about how you are going to warm up your baby's bottle.

Day Tripper

While having the ability to take long trips and overnight stays is all well and good, you probably do not want to have to carry something like the portable bottle warmer around with you while you are shopping or for those very active mums going for a hike. There is a much simpler answer to this situation that was custom made just for this type of situation. Once you have used your Avent bottle warmer to heat you baby's bottles to the right temperature you can place them in an Avent ThremaBag to take with you wherever you go.

This particular bag has a convenient over the shoulder carrying strap and comes in a variety of colors. These bags will keep your baby's formula nice and warm for up to four hours making it easy to run around and do your shopping or run over to your mum's without having to fuss with heating up a bottle on the go.

If you are planning to be gone for a longer period of time there are several thermos bottle warmers available. These nifty little thermoses work just like any other form of thermos that you would normally use to take a cup of tea or coffee with you, except that they are much smaller and come with a cup that you can place the bottle in before you pour the hot water over it to heat it up.

Keeping your baby happy and well fed is a very important part of your job as a parent. However this does not mean that feeding your baby a nice warm bottle should have to be a major undertaking when you are on the go. With the right type of travel bottle warmer you can go anywhere you want to knowing full well that you will always be able to feed the little one when he gets hungry.

If you have chosen to go with one of the portable bottle warmers that uses a butane cartridge you may soon find yourself throwing out your electric one in favor of the butane one. Of all the travel bottle warmers on the market these are probably the most versatile. No matter which one you choose you can rest easy knowing that you can take care of your baby's needs whenever you are on the go.